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Meidao Group is Strict Screening And Sourcing Origin Fabric To Control Clothing Quality And Ensure The Delivery Time
Jul 20, 2021

 (3)Quality is the lifeline of company !  recently purchase team of Meidao garment factory has visited their fabric suppliers to inspect the quality and process, at the same time they would like to  develop some new fabric factories and strict screening these in China.


Meidao group is a middle and high range quality fashion clothing manufacture, they has a serious and strong IQC department. The sourcing Manager of Meidao said that: A qualified supplier has a clean production line and a formal management method, so as to ensure the quality of the fabric and the production delivery period. we has  review all suppliers according to its price ,quality, delievery time and customer service.


A good garment factory should have a perfect supplier channel is particularly critical. If the purchased products are relatively fixed, it is better to establish a stable supply channel, there are several reliable suppliers are better. Because the fabric itself has a complex nature, the production of the fabric will also have many uncontrollable factors, there will be a difference between cylinder and cylinder.


3d3319250d113d3c849f26270aabc9aMeidao group's IQC fabric inspection is divided into three aspects:First,fabric appearance quality inspection, specification, fault, color difference, latitude slope, second, physical indicators: yarn, density, square meter weight, fracture strength, tear, sliding resistance, washing size change, dry cleaning size change, ball, light color fastness, color fastness; third, safety performance: formaldehyde content, pH value, decomposed aromatic amine carcinogenic dyes, water color fastness, color fastness, sweat fastness, dry friction, saliva color fastness, odor, etc.


Finally, Meidao group welcomes more big and qualified fabric suppliers have the opportunity to cooperate, Let us work together to control quality of the clothing.


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